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Key Benefits

CO2 Reduction

The system is optimised to deliver superior technological performance while reducing energy consumption to less than 75% of comparable systems.

Smart Power Management

Lower power consumption means less electricity costs, save up to £5000 in Electricity costs per operating theatre per year. Making it more economical during the system lifetime.

Superior Service

Every device is in the system is network connected, enabling instant remote service. Analytics through better live data on system status and performance allow for superior preventative maintenance and lower system downtime.

Green Integrated Technology
What We Offer

The Integrated Theatre of Things

Is designed to improve surgical workflows and drive the digitisation of the operating theatre, whilst improving on the environmental aspect of increasing technology use.

The system is designed to bring the full operating theatre experience with a reduced CO2 footprint. Besides reduced power consumption, reduced number of components in the fully digital system design, the has a CO2 optimised supply chain further reducing its environmental impact. With all devices in the system design it offers easier remote serviceability and thus reduces travel costs and system downtime.

The system brings a host of new functionalities such as structured data recording for advanced AI and Machine Learning applications. Automated video editing, central archiving and patient data integrations. It features advanced secure conferencing with fully digital audio for better teaching and remote sessions.
Each system can be customised to speciality, departmental or individual surgical teams requirements.

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